Toronto, Ontario

The debut release from CURSED BLESSINGS RECORDS, LP I is also the debut full length for Toronto's DRAGGED IN.

According to the band's bio, DRAGGED IN is a 5 piece hardcore band from Toronto. Offering a distinguishing blend of hardcore punk, stoner metal, and thrash riffs slathered in ranch.

Look for DRAGGED IN on tour with NYHC legends SICK OF IT ALL & AGNOSTIC FRONT, tentatively slated for April 2021.


London, Ontario

Hellaphant is an angst filled powerpop band out of London Ontario made up of seasoned musicians. Energy punk pop that takes you on a ride. Hop on.

HELLAPHANT'S DIGITAL EP "CRUMBLE" was the first digital release for Cursed Blessings Records.  


Brantford, Ontario

Rotten, Dirty, Damnable, Putrid, Filth....

5 piece Hardcore Punk band from Brantford ON. Canada.  One of OUR favorite bands ever!!!

GAG ORDER'S "IN MY HEAD" is the second Digital EP Release from Cursed Blessings Records.


Toronto, Ontario

Thrashy, trashy punk rock from Toronto!

THE COLA HEADS are the 3rd Digital EP Release and 2nd Vinyl Release on Cursed Blessings Records.  

"DIE YOUNG!" is available now!!


Santa Cruz, California

SEIZED UP was formed in Santa Cruz, California in early 2019 with Bl’ast singer Clifford Dinsmore, Fast Asleep guitarist Danny B., Good Riddance bassist Chuck Platt and The Distillers drummer Andy Granelli.

SEIZED UP's debut LP "BRACE YOURSELF" is available on Pirate's Press Records and a BRAND NEW 7" Vinyl "MARCHING DOWN THE SPIRAL" is coming in March from Cursed Blessings Records


Toronto, Ontario

CHOICES MADE are the kings in waiting of the Toronto Hardcore scene.  Fast, driving and melodic hardcore with a live show that will make you want to see them again and again.


CHOICES MADE debut 7" "REASON FOR CONFLICT" will be available for pre-order soon!!  


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